Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Designed for Your Network Peace of Mind

Protect critical hardware within building networks and edge computing applications with rack-mountable/tower Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

The product set includes single-phase line interactive and online UPSs ranging from 1 to 3kVA. The rack-mountable or free-standing UPS, with included feet is an ideal fit for smaller network environments and edge computing applications, either in a network closet or a point-of-sale location where a clean power output and backup power is desired. Both topologies will provide clean back-up power to your critical applications and devices in case of a power failure.

The line interactive UPS products provide up to 3kVA of output power capacity while correcting incoming power fluctuations via Automatic Voltage Regulation before supplying the power to attached devices—without passing through the on-board batteries. The batteries are only utilized in a power failure scenario, extending the overall life of the system and devices.

The online UPS products allow for up to 3kVA of output power capacity, correcting all incoming power fluctuations and passing the power through the on-board batteries—providing no transfer time in case of an outage, ideal for mission critical hardware and IT equipment.

Programmable Outlets for Power Management

Use the bank of programmable outlets to schedule shutdown of non-critical equipment.

Programmable Outlets for Power Management

High Power Factor

Legrand's UPS line features a high-power factor, providing improved efficiency and more actual power output when compared to other UPS systems.

High Power Factor

Remote Management Option

Each UPS can be optionally fitted with remote management capability for visibility and control at unmanned sites.

Remote Management Option

LCD Control Panels

The LCD display on the front of the UPS unit allows local read-out and control of the UPS functions from an easy-to-read display.

LCD Control Panels

Hot-Swappable Battery

Ensure power, uptime, and protection to mission critical equipment during battery replacement.

Hot-Swappable Battery

Product Literature

For more documentation about specific products, please visit their respective product pages.

Product Software / Firmware

Select Data Communications Power Uninterruptible Power Supplies

the chart below to see the backup time in minutes at the output selected. You can also amongst the battery options to remove them from the table. Use the menu above to see different UPS model charts.

Line Interactive UPS Line Interactive UPS

Choose from Line Interactive UPS systems which switch to battery power only when the input power to the UPS is lost.

Online UPS Online UPS

Select from Online UPS systems which filter the input power through the batteries, providing for clean power to yoru sensitive IT equipment and no transfer time during an outage.

UPS Battery Expansion & Accessories UPS Battery Expansion & Accessories

Add additional batteries for increased capacity or find additional accessories for your UPS installation and management.

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