EDI Information

Business Done With C2G Made Even Easier

Your organization can exchange business documents electronically with C2G for increased speed and accuracy, and making the ordering process more convenient, efficient and cost effective. Please contact us to find out whether your company would be a good candidate for EDI with C2G.

Getting Started is Simple as 1—2—3

  1. If you can answer "Yes" to the questions below, then your company might just be an ideal EDI trading partner for C2G!
    • Is your company currently using EDI with other trading partners?
    • Can your company support the 850 PO and 810 Invoice at a minimum?
    • Are you able to set up communications using FTP or a VAN?
  2. If you answered "Yes" to the questions above, then complete your EDI Partner Application and contact us.
  3. Once you've been approved, you'll be able to meet with our team to finalize details and a timeline.


C2G supports a variety of communication methods. FTP, VAN and AS2 communications are some of the common methods of document transfer. C2G prefers FTP, and either the trading partner or C2G can host the FTP site.

Supported Transactions & Specifications

C2G is able to support the documents listed below. Some specification documents (ANSI X12 format) may be downloaded below. At a minimum, an EDI Trading Partner will need to support the 850 & 810 documents. C2G is able to create documents based on trading partner specifications as well as support EDIFACT documents.

Frequently Asked Questions about EDI

Whether you are new or seasoned with EDI, there is a lot of information to absorb! Below we have help with some of the most common questions, but please contact us if you have others that we haven't addressed. We are here to help.

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is the process of sending and receiving electronic business documents between companies. Purchase orders, invoices, advance shipment notifications, product data activity reports, and acknowledgments are just a few examples of the documents that may be exchanged.

Many companies require their trading partners to use EDI to improve accuracy and efficiency.

EDI documents are based on official standards, but can be customized to individual companies' needs.

What is a Trading Partner?

A trading partner is a business partner that exchanges documents with your company such as purchase orders or invoices.

What are the Trading Partner Requirements?

Every company has unique requirements for EDI. C2G requires a minimum of the 850 purchase order and the 810 invoice. Specifications are available from C2G, however the trading partner can provide their own specifications.

The trading partner should have EDI mapping and translation software, and be able to set up connectivity using FTP, AS2 or a VAN. After the data mapping has been completed, the documents will be tested and approved by both companies.

What are the Benefits of EDI?

  • EDI eliminates the need to fax or mail paper documents.
  • EDI allows companies to communicate and distribute documents more effectively.
  • Helps reduce turnaround time from order to delivery, orders can take as little as one day.
  • More cost effective than transmitting paper documents.
  • Purchase order costs less than $1.
  • Remove document re-keying and eliminates keying errors
  • Reducing labor
  • Reduces document storage cost
  • Instant document retrieval
  • Eliminates paper
  • Cuts down on lost documents
  • Reduces lead times and stockholding
  • Shipping notes and acknowledgements are received in advance
  • EDI gives you an edge over a competitor still using paper.