HDBaseT — A Technical Deep Dive

An In-Depth Look At The Newest IEEE Standard

This presentation is the next step after Digital Video at Length — Successfully Extending Uncompressed Digital Video. We'll continue the discussion about uncompressed digital video extension technologies with an in-depth look into the newest IEEE standard, HDBaseT. We will look very carefully at the operating parameters of HDBaseT technology including a review of PAM16, eye patterns, and the digital payload. We will explore RFI and EMI in the installation environment and present solutions that help mitigate the challenges of noisy commercial environments. This presentation will look at HDBaseT 5-Play features and will carefully review HDBaseT Lite, HDBaseT, and Valens Colligo HDBaseT optical solutions. If you need to come up to speed on all things HDBaseT to make a good design, installation or purchase decision, this is the presentation you've been waiting for.