Digital Video At Length

Extending uncompressed digital video to 100m and beyond!

The importance of dependable digital video connectivity continues to grow exponentially as a plethora of consumer and commercial TMDS enabled devices change the nature of installed A/V. With analog infrastructure all but gone, being able to deploy point-to-point connectivity solutions that support TMDS (HDMI) content at critical middle distances is vital. Under 50-feet, AV connections are often best served in a native format. Beyond 350-feet, AVB and IP solutions provide the best technology. But in the important range between 50 and 350 feet, copper structured wiring delivers the greatest efficiency and value. In this presentation participants will explore the characteristics and technology deployed in HDBaseT and Ultra Wideband wired and wireless AV connectivity solutions. This one-hour exploration will focus on operational theory, comparative performance metrics and practical application of the technology to common AV installations.