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Dive Deep Into The Connectivity Industry with Certified Experts from C2G

Conspicuous Convergence

The USB Type-C connector is having an impact on technology by combining data transfer, power delivery, and A/V connectivity all through a single connector. This paper explains how the features and capabilities of the USB Type-C connector is poised to reshape the future of system design.

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The Evolving A/V Landscape

Whether operating in a commercial office space, education facility or other establishment, the requirements for audio visual (A/V) equipment are ever-growing. This paper covers the basics of our existing A/V infrastructure, emerging technologies, and how to extract the real potential of technology.

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What's In That Wire? Dissecting HDBaseT

HDBaseT technology is a connectivity standard designed for the transmission of uncompressed digital video, audio, Fast Ethernet, control, and power elements (collectively identified as 5Play) over a copper Category cable. This paper outlines how this technology is able to leverage standard Category 5e/6 structured cabling to support high definition content.

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