A/V Classroom Solutions

A/V Classroom Solutions

There are five core elements to creating a connected classroom. Three of these elements combined, form the "triangle of learning", while the remaining two provide for enhanced audio and control of the audio/video equipment by the teacher.

The triangle of learning is made up of the teacher's computer, the projector, and the interactive whiteboard. These three devices combined, allow for a teacher to display content from their computer and interact with that content through the whiteboard.

The remaining two elements of the connected classroom are the audio amplification system and the controller. The audio amplifier and speakers allow students in every corner of the room to hear audio being played.

The last element of the connected classroom is a controller used by the teacher to control the functionality of the audio/video equipment in the room. Using a single in-wall controller alleviates the need for multiple remote controls.

  • Audio Amplifier
    Typically located in the ceiling near the projector, the audio amplifier is connected to speakers in the ceiling. These speakers are located around the room, in order to provide a crisp, clear audio experience for every student.
  • Ceiling Speakers
    Speakers that are using an amplifier to project audio from A/V devices throughout an entire classroom are typically located in the ceiling. These speakers provide a crisp audio experience for every student, regardless of where they sit in the room.
  • Projector
    The projection element of the triangle of learning—the projector, serves at the conduit between the teacher's laptop and the interactive whiteboard. The projector is connected to both the interactive whiteboard and the laptop or PC.
  • Interactive Whiteboard
    The display element of the triangle of learning—the interactive whiteboard, is connected to the projector. This connection allows for the PC content to make it's way from the projector to the screen of the interactive whiteboard.
  • Teacher's Laptop
    The content element of the triangle of learning—the teacher's laptop or PC, is the source for all materials displayed on the interactive whiteboard. The teacher's laptop or PC is connected to the projector, which ultimately displays content on the interactive whiteboard.
  • Controller
    The single "remote control" that runs all the A/V equipment in a classroom—the controller, allows a teacher to use an in-wall keypad near their desk to control the A/V devices in the classroom.

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