Digital Signage Articles For Travel Centers

Providing Travellers Information to Move As Quickly As They Hope To

Providing up-to-date information regarding arrivals, departures, gate changes, security alerts and baggage claims is crucial to travelers. Digital signage systems allow real-time information to be displayed seamlessly to provide travelers with valuable information quickly, resulting in greater efficiency and a more pleasant travel experience. Travel applications include municipal and international airports, train stations and bus terminals.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

Depending on the system requirements and features, our current product offering can serve to support several solution types. In small municipal airports and train stations, information may be hosted from one or more computers and distributed to multiple monitors throughout the area at various distances. Applications such as these are a perfect fit for our VGA over Cat5 solution which can distribute over distances up to 1,000ft from source to display. Multiple transmitters can be chained together to accommodate more than four displays.

Larger travel applications such as international airports may have displays spread several thousand feet apart on different concourses and may need to use multiple media players or computers joined together on a single network. Some applications may have an independent network for the digital signage system using an IP-based WiFi 802.11 a/g or UTP wired technology. Applications such as theses can benefit from our current line of VGA, DVI and HDMI A/V cabling, as well as our networking products such as Cat5e/6 and fiber optic patch cords.

Travel Center Solution Example

A local train station has taken interest in updating their arrival and departure screens from a manual letter board to a modern digital signage system. The station would like to add two displays showing this information in several key areas. The building itself is an older brick structure and wiring will be challenging and costly. Therefore, management of the station would like to use a wireless solution if possible. The computer hosting the arrival and departure information will be located under the ticket counter 50ft from both displays.

Recommended Solution

Wireless Digital Signage Distribution System (WDSDS) Transmitter
Application: - This will be used to broadcast the digital signage content to matching WDSDS receivers using WiFi 802.11a/g technology.
Part number: 29505
Quantity: 1
Wireless Digital Signage Distribution System (WDSDS) Receiver
Application: - This will be used to receive the broadcasted content and output to the display.
Part number: 29506
Quantity: 1
3ft VGA270 HD15 UXGA M/M Monitor Cable
Application: - To connect each receiver to its designated display (2) and to connect each computer to the WDSDS transmitter unit (1).
Part number: 52058
Quantity: 3
6in Hook-and-Loop Cable Management Straps - Black - 12pack
Application: - Excess cable should always be handled in an organized manner. Cable zip ties are a perfect cost effective way to manage excess amounts of cabling in the application.
Part number: 29858
Quantity: 1

Application Diagram

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