Digital Signage Sales Professional Overview

Industry experts all agree that one of the main obstacles we face in the digital signage industry is gaining an understanding of the full scale and scope of what digital signage entails as well as what it can do for customers/end users and then conveying that message to the customer in a risk adjusted value proposition that is relevant to their project. It is the process of conveying and translating the message to the customer that the sales process often breaks down. The Digital Signage Sales Professional (DSSP) focuses on sales specific information and the skills necessary to translate value into the reality for the digital signage customer.

After examining the market and trends, the focus is turned to the 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage. Most of us are too busy to become fully immersed in all areas. The problem we face is that digital signage niche is too complex for elements to be glossed over and each one must be addressed at least in fundamental terms from a core knowledge perspective. Digital signage is made up of specific elements that reside in each and every digital signage application, design, installation and sale. To help address and control the issues of the amount of time to learn versus the need to know, The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage make sure you have touched each area in the process of understanding the interrelationships among the elements and talking from a position of strength to your clients.

Next on the scale of importance is the Digital Signage Needs Analysis. This step by step process has been created as a basic primer of questions that need to be asked and answered in the process of discovery and due diligence on any and all digital signage systems. Tying these questions back into The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage guarantees you will not miss any major points along the way to completion of the sale. As you will learn in the Digital Signage Needs Analysis, the sales journey begins and ends with the objective of the digital signage system.

Of course the DSSP takes a look at the hardware that goes into a digital signage system but the fact is, the displays, mounts, media players, and installation products are the easiest part of the project to understand. There is great parity in the industry relative to hardware and great solutions abound so enjoy the hunt.

Software selection is not an easy part of the equation. There are over 300 software vendors on the market of all types and varieties. Selecting the right one is critical and this will determine how easy the digital signage system is to use. The DSSP provide the information and guidance to help make the right choices and secure the sale.

Of course we have all heard that "content is king" and in fact it is. No matter how solid the infrastructure and how good the software package might be, poor content will render the digital signage system ineffective at best or in the worst case totally useless. We cannot overstate the importance of content and we explore what makes up good content and take a look at specific examples.

Where would sales be without an understanding of business models and return on investment aka ROI? The DSSP covers the four most popular business models and illustrates both ROI and ROO or return on objects recognizing that both have their place in the evaluation of a potential digital signage project.

The course concludes with an in depth look at value and how to sell the value concept in digital signage. Value is defined and value propositions are explored and templates provided for individual use. The Value Triad is revealed as well as the Value Spectrum, both of which lead to the Value Life Cycle, a step by step sales process that can be easily understood and employed. By understanding how the customer perceives value and by translating the value you represent into their value paradigm, the sales process becomes a partnership of solving problems, increasing capabilities, or providing new capabilities they did not have before meeting you! Now you are ready to sell digital signage.

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