Digital Signage Articles For Restaurant Menu Boards

Your menu presented dynamically in a beautiful digital signage solution that you can change at any moment!

Changing pricing and menu options on a restaurant menu board can be a very time consuming and frustrating task. Depending on the restaurant, a board may need to be changed for many reasons including switching from the breakfast to lunch menu at a specific time during the day or to promote a specific item due to overstock. Using traditional signage methods requires an individual to switch and update menu information which takes time and decreases the number of available staff to assist with customer service. To provide a more efficient method of displaying menu information, restaurants are using digital signage to display up-to-date information with little to no manual interaction from employees.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

Depending on the system requirements, our product offering can serve multiple solution types. Some companies may choose to use an IP-based solution for the advantage of long distance and control, while others seek a simple analog or digital cabling solution at short distances. In an IP-based solution, each monitor requires the use of a network receiver unit, while each media player or computer requires a transmitter. An IP-based solution will use computer networking equipment and cabling to stream content to any display the administrator chooses through a software interface. If a customer is seeking this type of solution, our networking products are a great fit and include Cat5e/Cat6 cabling and jacks, patch panels, RJ45 connectors and tools.

In applications involving simple analog or digital cabling, each display may be connected to a dedicated computer located in a separate room. Common video connection types include VGA, DVI or HDMI, depending on quality and distance expectations. In most applications VGA video can travel distances up to 100ft without amplification, while digital signals like DVI and HDMI work best at distances less than 60ft. For short distances our VGA, DVI and HDMI cabling provide excellent results with quality you can depend on. For cabling distances that exceed recommended norms, products such as our A/V over Cat5 products can overcome the challenge.

Traditional Cabling Solution Example

A local coffee shop has decided to update its traditional chalk board menu boards to a more modern digital signage system. The store has specified two screens and two computers to advertise the content. The monitors will be located behind the service counter, and the computers will be in the manager's office on an equipment rack. The owners of the coffee shop do not want to remove the walls or cause a large amount of construction to occur as it may cause downtime and lost business. The installation team has located conduits that lead near the placement of the new menu boards and can allow for a convenient run from the manager's office. The run was measured at 50ft. to each monitor, and the desired connection for the video is VGA.

Recommended Solution

50ft RapidRun CL2-Rated PC Runner Cable
50ft RapidRun® CL2-Rated PC Runner Cable
Application: One runner for each computer to the display
Part number: 42139
Quantity: 2
1.5ft RapidRun HD15 Male Flying Lead
1.5ft RapidRun HD15 Male Flying Lead
Application: One for each end of the runner cables
Part number: 40725
Quantity: 2

Optional Add-On Solutions

2-Port VGA/USB and PS/2 Switch with Cables
2-Port VGA/USB and PS/2 Switch with Cables
Application: Used to control each computer within the manager's office if software is not being used to control or update the computers
Part number: 35554
Quantity: 1
2-Port UXGA Monitor Splitter/Extender
2-Port UXGA Monitor Splitter/Extender
Application: Splits the computer video without signal loss to provide video for the KVM and the digital signage monitor
Part number: 29503
Quantity: 2 (one for each computer)

Note: Computers with dual video output do not require this device to complete the solution.

Application Diagram

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