Data Migration and Transfer Overview

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

Individuals responsible for updating and maintaining IT equipment in a business or institution frequently experience the need to move data from one location to another. The greatest challenge faced when moving data, is the amount of time consumed by transferring information due to bandwidth limitations. Data migration is a common practice that occurs when computers systems reach their expected rotation cycle and data from the out of date system needs to be migrated to a new computer. Moving the data through a network connection can take a tremendous amount of time due to low bandwidth and high network traffic. The delay caused when migrating information can slow business and limit the number of upgraded systems that can be turned around in a given time span.

To overcome the limitations of Ethernet networking for large data migration, C2G's 6ft USB 2.0 Transfer Adapter Cable is the answer. Transferring via USB technology, IT professionals and home users can achieve a data transfer rate that is over four times faster than most 100 Mbps Ethernet network connections. Establishing a dedicated peer-to-peer connection through USB eliminates the delay caused by network congestion and provides optimal transfer conditions. Driverless installation and multi operating system compatibility saves time and eliminates complexity.

Recommended Solution

6ft USB 2.0 Transfer Adapter Cable
6ft USB 2.0 Transfer Adapter Cable
Application: Windows®2000/ XP®/Vista®/Windows®7 and MAC® 10.4+
Part number: 39987
Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps

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