Connecting Legacy Devices to New Displays

Adapter Solutions from C2G

As technology continues to evolve, many will be faced with the reality that the outputs of their source devices may not match the inputs of a new display. Budgets may only allow for an update to certain technology pieces at the present time — so displays could be refreshed before source devices due to cost conscious efforts. Additionally, display failure or the mere need for higher resolution may drive replacement. Even more often, transient users or presenters may bring in older hardware which must be connected to new technology in the room. When the displays are equipped with digital connections, as they all will be moving forward, connecting the existing legacy devices will become increasingly difficult — as the connections on those devices will not match those of newer technology. These situations can make it seem impossible to transmit content from existing laptops, PCs, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. to newer HDMI-enabled displays, and buying new equipment may seem like the only solution — but it's not.

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