Analog Sunset Library

The Analog Sunset Will Impact How Every A/V Connection Is Made Today and In The Future


Analog sunset is the audio/video industry's transition from the support of analog or analog and digital signals to only digital signals. This change will most notably take effect on laptops and Blu-ray players. As laptops continue to become sleeker, VGA connections are simply too large to be an option and all newly manufactured Blu-ray players already carry only digital connections. These technology shifts will impact everyone and all business alike, so stay ahead of the game and ensure that you're prepared - because the analog sunset is here.

Adapt The Way You Think and Work

The analog sunset will impact you, your business, and your customers—but it's up to you to determine just how profound that impact might be. Making the switch from analog to digital is all about learning what the analog sunset is and adapting your day to day to minimize that impact. With careful planning, switching from analog to digital can not only be easy, but also can be advantageous for you and your business. With learning tools and real life examples like our white paper, webinar, Commercial Integrator article, and visual infographic, you'll better understand the analog sunset and be prepared to transition to digital.

Convert Challenges Into Opportunities

The analog sunset is here, with transition challenges facing businesses, education spaces, healthcare facilities, and more. With this knowledge, it's clear that the analog sunset cannot be ignored, so let C2G help you convert these challenges into opportunities — not only sales opportunities but opportunities to increase customer loyalty.

Transform For The Digital Sunset

Now is the time to use this knowledge and information to transform your business. There are real opportunities to be taken advantage of due to the analog sunset — sales opportunities, customer loyalty opportunities and technology leadership opportunities. Take the message to your customers to prove your thought leadership in the technology space and your commitment to their business. And the best part is — we've done all the hard work for you with our marketing kit!