C2G Has USB Technology Covered from A to C: Launches New USB Type-C Products

Provides A Complete USB Cable, Adapter, and Extender Supporting The Oldest to The Newest USB Devices


DAYTON, OHIO — July 07, 2015C2G, the preferred provider and trusted expert of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, has been committed to delivering educational information and tools explaining how the new USB 3.1 specification and USB-C connector will change the current landscape of desktop connectivity (among other applications). C2G took the lead on enlightening resellers, buyers, and influencers on the enhanced USB specification that will revolutionize the way we connect devices when they championed a comprehensive educational campaign—consisting of blog posts, educational webinars, a dedicated landing page and targeted collateral covering what the new technology is, what it means for current and new devices, and when to expect the rollout of products that include these enhancements. To learn more about this campaign visit our blog, tech section, or training section.

C2G is now launching a line of USB-C cables and adapters that round out their complete USB product offering. These new USB-C cables and adapters—along with C2G's existing offering of USB cables, adapters, and extenders—allow options for connecting a USB device to almost any other device and for USB connection extensions to over 300 feet. "The USB-C cables and adapters allow us to bring solutions to problems faced by our customers" said Gary Hess, C2G Vice President of Innovation. "These products will help customers extend the life of existing devices by adapting them to connect to a USB-C port, but, as the technology develops and we see USB-C ports appear on more devices, like the Chromebook Pixel and MacBook®, C2G will bring innovative solutions to support this evolving technology." This initial offering of USB-C cables and adapters feature USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, or USB 3.1 Gen 1 compatible products which connect from the USB-C port to devices such as flash drives, printers, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and many other types of USB devices. These products will be quickly followed by USB-C adapters which allow for an A/V connection from a USB-C port to a DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA monitor, an HDTV or projector, a wired network connection for Internet access, and even a USB hub which features a USB-C port. For more information on all products and solutions from C2G, visit www.c2g.com.

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