C2G Launches Integrated Marketing Campaign to Assist Customers in Planning for the Transition to Digital

'Adapt. Convert. Transform.', The Analog Sunset Is Here


DAYTON, OHIO — April 9, 2013C2G, the preferred provider and trusted expert of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, launches an integrated marketing campaign, "Adapt. Convert. Transform."—designed to raise awareness and educate customers on how to prepare a smooth migration path from analog to digital. The campaign is comprehensive—consisting of white papers, educational webinars, incentive plans, and targeted collateral. Developed with resellers, buyers, and influencers in mind, the campaign covers the challenges of the digital transition, highlights scalable solutions to bridge the transition, and discusses how C2G customers have defined a seamless migration path to digital.

What is the analog sunset? It is a global change, and the term—analog sunset—is becoming increasingly popular to describe the transition from the A/V industry's support of analog to only digital signals. The two key transitions that apply to the analog sunset are the "actual analog sunset" which specifically refers to Blu-ray® Disc players and copyright protection, and the computer industry's drive to remove VGA connections from new laptops and PCs.

The transition to digital presents real challenges, as well as opportunities, with analog connectivity subsiding. In the last couple of years, school funding (specifically, K-12) for infrastructure projects has declined, yet IT upgrades remain constant. As new laptops are deployed throughout the schools, they will have only digital output capability with DisplayPort, DVI, and/or HDMI. Schools will need to adequately plan for this transition with devices that can bridge analog to digital.

Gary Hess, vice president of innovation and marketing for Lastar explains, "The challenge becomes readily apparent when the new equipment is expected to be used with existing equipment, such as projectors, DVD players, and other A/V devices that were purchased several years ago. This equipment will not accept digital input. Therein lies the challenge." While Hess admits that this challenge is not catastrophic, it will have impacts in the classroom, conference room, and similar settings across Education, Corporate, Healthcare, and other markets. The key is making the proper technology investment to enable a smooth, non-disruptive migration path from analog to digital, while at the same time protecting the upgrade and extending the life of the current equipment.

With the "Adapt. Convert. Transform." marketing campaign, C2G is assisting users, resellers, and distribution partners to skillfully navigate the digital transition by addressing real world scenarios. Without a doubt there may be unforeseen disruptions. Therefore, it is imperative for IT leaders responsible for the seamless performance of computer and A/V equipment to be well informed and prepared with solutions in place to ensure a smooth migration path.

As the trusted expert in A/V and IT connectivity, C2G offers a wide array of hassle-free solutions to meet every need and budget, enabling seamless integration along with the flexibility and scalability to upgrade as technology changes to support the digital standard.

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