C2G Leads the Next Level of A/V Connectivity to Support Longer Distances with Hassle-Free Solutions

TruLink Solutions Are Easy-to-Install, Maximize Connectivity, and Optimize Distance


LAS VEGAS (2012 International CES, Suite 2907) — January 9, 2012C2G, the preferred provider and trusted expert of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of its TruLink® Media Gateway (TMG), A/V Controller, VGA over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP), HDMI® over coax and High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC). These products provide user greater flexibility, simple installation and the ability to extend audio and video signals over long distances for more convenient device placement. C2G will be showcasing these innovative, new products at 2012 International CES.

The next level in connectivity panels is the TruLink Media Gateway (TMG), which provides hassle-free display of portable content through easy-to-use, plug and play technology. It has connection ports for HDMI, VGA, composite video, 3.5mm audio and a connection for Apple® devices, MP3 players, USB and Ethernet, plus power receptacles for charging. Input signals are converted, upscaled as needed, and delivered to the display over a single HDMI output cable, making the TruLink Media Gateway simple to install and use.

Fairmont Hotels Raffle International (FHRI), the parent company of the Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel brands, selected C2G as the exclusive provider of connectivity panels in more than 10,000 guest rooms for the global hotel company. The TruLink Media Gateway will be installed at their new locations and properties undergoing renovation programs. It will allow guests to easily use their personal devices and equipment for multimedia sharing and in-room entertainment.

"TruLink Media Gateway easily turns any room with a display into a multimedia hub that allows users to simply and effortlessly incorporate their own content and personal technology," said Gary Hess, vice president of innovation for Lastar, parent company of C2G.

The TruLink A/V Controller offers smart control for operating projectors, DVD and Blu-ray players, document cameras and other A/V devices in classrooms and conference rooms. It is a wall-mount keypad that features eight interchangeable buttons and allows up to four programmable commands per button. It includes several unique features including a USB port for easy programming from a laptop or thumb drive, and a Multiport Connection Interface Adapter (MCIA) that provides secure connections and eliminates the need for field termination.

Garry Dukes, director of product management for Lastar, parent company of C2G stated, "The TruLink A/V Controller was designed to make it easier for everyone—from the teacher using it, to the technician installing it, to the IT staff supporting it."

TruLink VGA over UTP extends VGA and audio signals up to 300 and 500 feet over Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cables without signal degradation. This solution is compatible with any operating system and requires no drivers or software. The transmitter and receiver are available in interchangeable wall plate or box form factors, allowing users to choose the design best suited for the application. It is now available in VGA, VGA+3.5 audio, VGA+3.5+RS232, single port and 4 port and coming soon in HDMI utilizing HDbaseT.

The TruLink HDMI over coax simplifies demanding digital signage or residential HDMI installation. It supports a 1080p HDTV signal up to 390 feet over standard RG6 and supports cascading receivers to support up to 24 monitors.

The TruLink High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) provides another option for transmitting high-definition signals over long distances and offers several unique advantages over copper cabling. The cable diameter is much smaller and more flexible than copper, providing easy installation for tight in-wall spaces. The fiber strand construction eliminates the risk of signal interference, so performance is stable and is optimal for use in data centers, surgical theaters, manufacturing facilities and any other applications where a reliable, high-resolution display over a distance up to 20 meters is critical. The cable supports full 1080p resolution in 10 meter and 20 meter lengths and will soon be available in lengths up to 100 meters.

2012 CES attendees can see these solutions and more from C2G at the Las Vegas Hilton in Suite 2907.

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