C2G Provides USB Connectivity up to 328 Feet

USB 2.0 Superbooster Extender Carries USB Signals 20x Farther Than Standard Cable Limitations


DAYTON, OHIO – May 25, 2011C2G, the preferred provider of high–performance cabling and connectivity solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the USB 2.0 Superbooster® Extender. It is ideally suited for a classroom setting where it allows users to connect to a USB device such as an interactive whiteboard, projector, printer, scanner or camera and access it from up to 328 feet away.

The C2G USB 2.0 Superbooster is the first solution to integrate USB 2.0 connectivity into a standard decorative style wallplate in addition to a dongle version. Both the wall plates and dongles have a small form factor to fit in tight spaces and they can be mixed–and–matched for flexibility to fit any type of installation. There are no software or drivers to be installed, making for a quick, plug–and–play experience.

“As applications and equipment in the K–12 environment become increasingly complex with higher performance requirements and the need to transmit audio, video, and cursor movements, there is a need for higher speed to provide a seamless experience,” said Gary Hess, vice president of innovation for Lastar, parent company of C2G. “Our USB Superbooster comes with full USB 2.0 speed and power and the ability to install it in a number of different configurations for flexibility and convenience in where equipment is placed and how it can be used.”

The USB 2.0 Superbooster provides increased bandwidth and faster data transfer speeds over Cat5/6 cabling. A 500 milliamp power adapter can be placed at either the transmitter or receiver end to power devices, such as interactive whiteboards. The dongle end is uniquely designed so it can be easily secured to equipment.

The USB 2.0 Superbooster Extender is now available from C2G partners in four standard kits: wall plate to wall plate, wall plate to dongle, dongle to wall plate, dongle to dongle. Each kit comes with the transmitter, receiver, power adapter and two USB 2.0 cables.

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