C2G Extends Distance and Provides Flexibility for USB Devices

Wired and Wireless Solutions for Running USB Signals over Long Distances


LAS VEGAS (2009 International CES, Booth 20947) – January 7, 2009C2G, the preferred provider and trusted expert of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, today announced two new products that provide users greater flexibility in connecting USB devices to their computer. The USB 2.0 SuperBooster® Extender increases the distance of a USB 2.0 signal up to 65 feet, while the Wireless USB Device Adapter Kit allows a wireless connection of a USB device up to 30 feet away.

“By being able to extend USB devices across the room or in another room altogether, users have the flexibility to place their devices where they are the most convenient and eliminate much of the clutter on their desktop or workspace,” said Gary Hess, C2G director of product management. “Whether it's through wired or wireless connectivity, C2G continues to focus on providing quality connectivity solutions that are backed by the company's commitment to customer service.”

The USB 2.0 SuperBooster Extender significantly increases the reach of a USB device by running the signal over Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable at USB 2.0 speeds. The plug–and–play device is bus–powered so no external power source is required. The ability to run the USB signal up to 65 feet enables users to place their USB device, such as a printer, scanner or camera, where they want to place it rather than requiring it to sit next to the host computer.

The Wireless USB Device Adapter Kit provides users with the same flexibility to position USB devices where they want but does so with a wireless connection. Using a wireless USB connection, users can move around an office with their laptop while maintaining access to their USB devices such as printers, flash memory devices, scanners, cameras and MP3 players. Desktop users can benefit from moving all those devices off their desk to another location up to 30 feet away. C2G also provides a four–port wireless USB hub for connecting multiple USB devices.

Both the USB 2.0 SuperBooster Extender and the Wireless USB Device Adapter Kit will be available later this month through C2G partners and will be demonstrated at the 2009 International CES in the C2G booth (#20947, South 1 Hall).

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