AIA, BICSI, InfoComm and NSCA Certified Training Courses

Discover Industry-Certified Training for Connectivity Professionals from C2G

C2G (division of Lastar, Inc.) is pleased to offer industry-certified training on hot topics that will help industry professionals such as Architects, Consultants, Contractors and Integrators, who are tasked with meeting the audio/video needs of today, while preparing for the ever changing facilities of the future.

Each one-hour course will arm you with information that can be applied to any phase of the construction project life cycle ranging from specification to installation.

Don't take it from us; Steve P. Owner of Pro Presenters said:
"Your webinars are excellent and so relevant. We have begun using the archived webinars as part of our mandatory training with our technicians."

Upon completion of each one-hour webinar course, you will be eligible to earn one or all of the following course credits:*

(1) AIA General Learning Units
(1) BICSI Continuing Educational Credits
(1) InfoComm CTS Renewal Units
(1) NSCA Learning Units

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*Most courses are 1 hour and equal to 1 AIA-LU, InfoComm CTS-RU, BICSI-CEC, or NSCA-LU credit unless noted otherwise.

Continuing Education AIA

Information on C2G's Connectivity Industry-Certified Training

What is AIA and what is a General Learning Unit?

AIA stands for The American Institute of Architects (AIA), which was created in 1857. The AIA recognizes that continuing education in architecture is crucial to advancing and improving the profession. AIA members must complete 18 total hours of training per year in order to fulfill the continuing education requirements for an AIA membership.

C2G offers a variety of training courses for earning General Learning Unit credits (LUs). Attendees will receive 1 Learning Unit for each completed course. Since the minimum course length is 1 hour, each Learning Unit is equivalent to approximately 1 hour of coursework. For more information regarding AIA's continuing education system, please visit the AIA website at

InfoComm International RU

What is CTS and what is CTS-RU?

CTS is a certification through the InfoComm organization and it stands for Certified Technology Specialist. The certification has been offered for more than 30 years, is recognized worldwide, and is highly geared towards A/V applications and knowledge. CTS-RU stands for CTS Renewal Unit. This term refers to the continuing education classes that are required to keep a CTS certified technician in good standing. A person who is CTS certified needs 30 RU hours every 3 years to keep his/her credentials. For more information regarding CTS certification, please visit the InfoComm website at

Bicsi Continuing Education Credit Provider

What is BICSI and what is BICSI-CEC?

BICSI stands for Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. It's a professional association supporting the Information Technology Systems (ITS) industry and covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies.

BICSI-CEC stands for Continuing Education Credits. Candidates for BICSI credentials are required to show industry experience and pass rigorous exams based on the content of BICSI manuals. For more information regarding BICSI certification, please visit the BICSI website at

NSCA University

What is NSCA and what is NSCA-LU?

NSCA is the abbreviation for National Systems Contractor's Association and is the institution of higher learning built by systems professionals for systems professionals. NSCA-LU is a numeric value placed on continuing education requirements for NSCA's EST-L2 and Certificate of Completion (CCP) credentials. LUs stand for Learning Units and must be accumulated by credentialed candidates to maintain NSCA certification. For more information regarding NSCA certification, please visit the NSCA website at

Learn How Our Training Program Works

  1. Register and attend a webinar
  2. Complete the subsequent test and score 70% or higher
  3. Receive a certificate of completion
  4. Submit the certificate to AIA, InfoComm, BICSI, and/or NSCA to receive your credit

*The "Science & Psychology of Selling" course does not qualify for BICSI-CEC or NSCA-LU credits.

We also offer pre-recorded webinars for you to complete your training at your leisure — at home, on the weekend, or during non-peak work hours. A list of pre-recorded webinars can be found here.

Why You Benefit

Receive a 1-hour, InfoComm CTS-RU, AIA-LU, BICSI-CEC, or NSCA-LU approved course at a highly discounted rate.*

  • No traveling costs
  • No extended time away from work
  • Take courses at your leisure with our various offerings
  • C2G has over 25 years in the technology industry
  • Continually adding new courses to the itinerary for ongoing education

*The "Science & Psychology of Selling" course does not qualify for BICSI-CEC or NSCA-LU credits.

Who We Recommend Attend

  • Certified Technology Specialists, ITS Professionals, and Certified Systems Professionals who want to remain up-to-date on the latest technology trends and receive InfoComm CTS-RU, AIA-LU, BICSI-CEC, or NSCA-LU credits at the same time*
  • Integrators dealing with audio/video applications on a regular basis
  • Individuals interested in learning more about the latest on audio/video integration and how to grow business through these types of applications

*The "Science & Psychology of Selling" course does not qualify for BICSI-CEC or NSCA-LU credits.